Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cafézia Coffee an actual coffee?

Yes! Cafézia Coffee is actual coffee, not a coffee substitute. All of our blends are made of organic, Fairtrade, 100% Arabica coffee, along with a small quantity of herbs.

Can you taste the herbs in Cafézia? 

No, you cannot taste the herbs. Cafézia Coffee tastes like coffee. Although you will notice that Cafézia tastes smoother than regular coffee because the herbs lower the acidity.

Does Cafézia contain caffeine?

Cafézia contains the same amount of caffeine as normal coffee. Therefore, it still gives you the energy boost that you want from your coffee. But the herbs eliminate everything you don’t want from your coffee, including: jitters, headaches, anxiety, and indigestion. Plus, Cafézia will not keep you up at night.

Can I drink Cafézia at any time of day?

You can drink Cafézia all day, every day. Cafézia is great to have in the morning when you want an energy boost, but you can also have it in the afternoon or evening because it will not keep you up at night.

How much Cafézia can I drink in one day? 

As with normal coffee, you shouldn’t drink more than three cups per day.

How are the herbs added?

You can buy Cafézia Coffee as whole beans or pre-ground. For the pre-ground coffee, we grind the coffee then mix in the herbs. For the whole bean coffee, we absorb the herbs into the beans.

Can I add milk and sugar to Cafézia?

You can add whatever you’d like to Cafézia! The effects of Cafézia will stay the same, no matter what you add.

Are there any negative side effects of the herbs in Cafézia?

No, the herbs have no negative side effects because they are added in such small quantities (they only make up 2% of the coffee’s overall volume).

I still don’t understand the science behind Cafézia.

Read this document to get the scoop.