cafézia for athletes


the perfect coffee for post workout recovery…

Cafézia is not only formulated for people that have issues digesting regular coffee or metabolizing caffeine. In fact, Cafézia has become more and more popular in the world of professional sports, with athletes performing at different levels of intensity, whether recreational or competitive.

After prolonged activity, the body experiences both physical and mental fatigue; in these moments, it is always nice to sit down and connect with our friends and teammates, running partners and gym buddies. Cafézia is ideal for moments like these, as it promotes a physical boost and mental focus without inducing any feelings of unpleasantness or shakiness that are sometimes experienced with regular coffee consumption.

Numerous athletes at the highest level of performance consume Cafézia on a daily basis, mostly after tough workouts or races.

One of them is Barbara Kantorova, a world-class alpine skier from Slovakia. Barbara is 10-time Slovakian National Champion in the following alpine ski disciplines: Slalom, Giant Slalom, Super-G and Alpine Combined, and regularly participates at World Cup events.

Barbara loves the taste of Cafézia, and enjoys a fresh cup of Sarah, New Orleans or Dark Roast blends after workouts in the gym, after every run, or following a physically demanding race. Barbara says that Cafézia brings her back to a refreshed state without any side effects, which in the past had been an issue for her when drinking regular coffee – minor shaking, sweating, heavy digestion and often poor quality of sleep.