Brewing instructions

As it is with all coffees, brewing is a matter of taste with each person having their own special way of preparing their favourite beverage. Cafézia™ Herbal Coffee, while unique in benefit and taste, can be brewed just the way you brew coffee currently. The following are tried and true methods of brewing a wonderful cup of coffee according to the style of brewer you have.

With the below methods, there are a few guidelines that will always remain the same;

Always use cold fresh water; never draw hot water from the tap to be heated up in the machine or kettle. Ensure that the quality of your water is good before brewing any coffee, especially Cafézia™ Herbal Coffee. 

Make sure your coffee brewer is clean and working properly. Dirty machines will have a bad effect on the taste of your coffee. Also, machines that are plugged with minerals from the water will not work as well as machines that have been cleaned inside. A descaling product, such as CLR, will do the trick in cleaning out the inside of the machine while good cleaning of the brewer where coffee oils can accumulate will keep your Cafézia™ Herbal Coffee tasting fantastic.

Drip Coffee Machine

The biggest question asked about brewing coffee is “how much?” The general rule of thumb is for every 32 oz (1 liter) of water used in the brewing process, 1.25 oz. (35g) of Cafézia™ Herbal Coffee should be used in the brew basket. So if you are making it in a 10 cup brewer (about 50 oz.) then you should use about 2 oz (57g) of Cafézia™ Herbal Coffee. Make sure to use only one filter per brew (sometimes they get stuck together) and don’t let the coffee sit on the burner for more than 20 minutes or, like any coffee, you will start to develop a bitter taste. If you are brewing into a thermal server, then make sure it is clean and don’t let your Cafézia™ Herbal Coffee sit for more than 2 hours, after that, the taste will start to deteriorate.

French Press

The French Press is a great way to brew coffee if you like a truly full bodied cup. The metal mesh filter does not trap coffee semi-solubles like a paper filter does and therefore imparts a heavier mouth feel. When brewing with a French press it is always recommended to start with a clean press. Use the same ratio of coffee to water as above in the drip machine and then let your kettle come to a boil. Let the water cool down a little before pouring it into the press; it is never good to brew Cafézia™ Herbal Coffee, nor any other coffee with boiling water; the ideal temperature is a few degrees below boiling. Right after you add water, stir the Cafézia™ Herbal Coffee and put the plunger on (but not down). Let the Cafézia™ Herbal Coffee steep for about 2 to 3 minutes and then press the plunger down and serve immediately.


Use the same ratio of coffee to water as described in the Drip coffee machine method above. The trick with the percolator is not to let it sit too long, or else you’ll end up with a bitter brew.


Cafézia™ Herbal Coffee makes an excellent espresso as well. Place the coffee in the espresso group (the part of the machine with the handle that fits under the espresso maker) and then press the Cafézia™ Herbal Coffee down tight into the group. Start your machine just as you would a regular espresso. Never put Cafézia™ Herbal Coffee ground into a whole bean automatic espresso maker; these machines are designed to produce espresso with whole bean coffee only.